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Why are URL-shorteners needed at all?

You can do it without ...
In principle it works without. Before the short URL services celebrated their breakthrough, you could get to the desired destination with just one click. One of the main reasons for the rapid spread is probably the character limit for tweets on the microblogging service Twitter. Until 2014, users were allowed to use a maximum of 140 characters in a tweet. In the meantime this limit has been relaxed to 280 characters, but a URL can be quite long.
What are the advantages of URL-shorteners?
  • Very long URLs can be shortened considerably. This makes them ideal for sharing on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Target URL can be obfuscated. However, there are more and more services that do not allow short URLs. Even Google Ads does not accept bit.ly links for advertising search ads.
  • Marketing campaigns can be specifically evaluated. How often was the URL accessed within a period of time? Where did the users come from?
  • Use of many tools is completely free! There are always premium providers with additional services but the shortening is mostly free of charge very
  • Well-known URL-shorteners are directly integrated in many programs and websites. A short URL can be generated directly by pressing a button
  • Short URLs/short URLs do not influence SEO negatively! According to Matt Cutts of Google, a short URL has no influence on the Pagerank and can even be used as a normal backlink. The linkjuice of the original page is inherited, so to speak!
Are there any disadvantages?
  • Depending on the application scenario, there are of course risks and disadvantages that should be taken into account before use. Especially with services that are free and less established, one should always consider the problems that arise when a URL-shorter disappears from the market overnight and discontinues its service, for example.
  • All URLs then most likely run into the void. If they have now been used in marketing campaigns or in printed product catalogues, this will very quickly become a huge problem. This is because potential customers will no longer be able to get to the actual page when they call up the URL. In particularly critical cases, it is therefore advisable to consider using your own URL shredder.
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